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About Nurse Next Door Winnipeg


Nurse Next Door Homecare Services Winnipeg offers care plans that reflect the specific needs and wishes of your loved one. Our team will work with you to create a unique and all-encompassing plan to ensure they are happy, engaged and cared for while you are away.

We’ll care for your loved one as you do, accommodating their every need, all with a focus on happier aging.  We will match them with a qualified caregiver, companion, or nurse. Of course, if it’s not a great match we’ll try again, finding someone who is right for you.

From engagement and activities to cleaning and laundry (from bathing to a BBQ!), our nurses and caregivers do whatever it takes. You have our commitment to do whatever it takes to bring you peace of mind while you are away, whether it’s for a day, week or longer.


Where the Passion Begins

Our Winnipeg Nurse Next Door team is uniquely focused on Winnipeg clients that provides individualized personal care.  So you can get the peace of mind of knowing that your parents are with a company that sincerely cares about them.  They give you basic respect, dignity and the tender loving care that all of of us want for our family 

Paula Richardson

Paula Richardson is a Care Ambassador with Nurse Next Door Homecare services. She holds a B.A from the University of Winnipeg (Major in Business Administration) and a Bachelor of Nursing from Red River College.

She works passionately to support her belief that every single senior citizen should be able to stay in their home and enjoy their golden years.

With a true passion for geriatric care, Paula has been working with seniors since she began her career in nursing. The Happier Aging philosophy at Nurse Next Door states that a life well lived is one where seniors can continue to live with joy doing the things they love, dignity and purpose. This aligns with Paula’s personal vision and is a statement that encourages the caregivers she manages to remain committed and excited to care for their clients.

Paula Richardson
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